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            Floyd Norman is an 81-year-old man who works at Disney Studios in California every day; however, he hasn’t received a paycheck in over 16 years! When Floyd was hired by Disney in 1956, he was th章鱼体育官网-大学英语2期末备考专辑(五)e first African American artist. Through the years, he’s truly enjoyed his job working on many cartoon films.

            When he was 65 years old, Floyd was told he had to retire because he was too old. At that time, Disney wanted younger artists who would be cheaper to pay, but Floyd wouldn’t give up. He found an extra desk and has continued to work without pay. Since his younger wife works at the same place, Floyd can enter the business with her even though he doesn’t have an official identification badge. Because he shows up every day, everyone at Disney thinks he still works there and doesn’t bother him. He says he loves being an artist and doesn’t want to sit around at home doing nothing.


            When a country has economic problems, many things happen. Food becomes hard to find and people begin to steal and kill. Another important prob层组词lem is that educated people leave the country. People with university degrees can’t find jobs that pay them enough money to live, so they leave their country. Some countries have been hurt because many of their best people have moved away. One educated woman left her home country and now lives and works in the United States. She explained that she received only $50 per month, so she could not buy very much. She also said somebody is killed every 25 minutes in her country. It was dangerous for her, and the conditions were bad, so she had to leave. She’s worried about her country, though. She doesn’t know how her country can become stronger if all the best people have already left the country.


            In Malaysia, a new Starbucks is opening that helps customers who have hearing difficulties. Also most of the workers there have trouble with hearing, too. Customer can order章鱼体育官网-大学英语2期末备考专辑(五) their drinks using sign language to explain what they want. The customers review their order on a computer screen. Usually at Starbucks, the workers call the customers’ names when their drinks are ready. However, in this Starbucks, the customers look at a digital board, and this tells them when their drinks can be picked up.

            This Starbucks caf wants people feel good about themselves. Most people who cannot hear have a hard time getting a job, so this gives them a great opportunity to have a career and章鱼体育官网-大学英语2期末备考专辑(五) be proud. It’s also great for the customers who feel comfortable about interacting in the community. This is the first major company to do this, and Starbucks may do the same thing in other caf in the world.





            In the era of highly developed media culture, young people have more contract than ever with foreign culture. Coupled with openness and diversity of modern society, young Chinese now have to seek their cultural identity under the impact of Western culture. In fact, many aspects of the Western or Eastern lifestyle are so blended that many young people find it difficult to make those lifestyle distingu章鱼体育官网-大学英语2期末备考专辑(五)ish.








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